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Send Money with 7-Eleven

Want a money transfer service that caters to your schedule? At 7-Eleven you can send and receive money to, and from, almost anywhere in the world using the electronic kiosk system in store. Transfer money overseas fast from 7-Eleven to over 347,000 MoneyGram agent locations in 200 countries.

With 7-Eleven's long trading hours and easy to use self-serve electronic kiosk, it's one of the fastest ways to transfer money! Look for your nearest 7-Eleven store with the MoneyGram logo. Check out our 7-Eleven Store locator.    

What's better? You can save time and register before you get there! Register now to make it so much easier once you're ready to walk in and transfer money overseas. 

Once your transaction is complete the money transfer is on its way and will arrive within 10 minutes.*

The kiosk in store is easy to use with simple step by step instructions on the touch screen.

How does it work?
At 7-Eleven remittance is so fast and easy. You can send a maximum of AUD3,000 cash transfer in a single transaction and receive a maximum of AUD600. When the receive amount is over AUD200 you will be paid out in a combination of cash and a pre-paid debit card. This can be used immediately to withdraw cash from any ATM.

MoneyGram 7-Eleven store kiosk. Send and receive money